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Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays 2022: A Buyer’s Guide

The Holidays bring plenty of excitement. The lights go up around town, you decorate the house, and plans are made to get together with loved ones.

There’s only one problem. You need to buy gifts. Lots of them.

That means you need a ton of Christmas gift ideas. Luckily, everyone loves sweets, and we have a huge variety of Holiday-themed chocolate gift baskets to choose from.

We have classics like chocolate truffles and newer creations like chocolate dipped Oreos, and many more. With so much to choose from, you’ll have all the Christmas and Hanukkah gift ideas you need for this Holiday season!

Chocolate Truffle Collection

This collection of Belgian chocolate truffles mixes white, dark, and milk chocolate bites. We combine them with favorites like caramel, tiramisu, raspberry, and more. With 16 different flavors, it means a little something for anyone.

It’s a wonderful idea for groups and those who like a little of this and a little of that!

Chocolate Covered Oreo Sandwich Cookies

How do you improve on one of the greatest cookies ever devised? With chocolate covered Oreos. And this gift box has all kinds of ways to enjoy them. There’s a mixture of dark and milk chocolate options, with toppings like white chocolate chip, M&Ms, and rainbow nonpareils.

This is a fun interpretation of Christmas cookies, putting a luxurious spin on a classic.

Chocolate Biscotti Italian Cookies

Our Italian biscotti cookies make great chocolate gifts for coffee lovers. This allows people to enjoy their cups with that added Holiday delight, and it allows you to really personalize the gift box to someone’s tastes.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

When you mix the distinct flavor of pretzels with gourmet chocolate, you get a special combination that people crave.

The sweet and salty mixture sits just a bit on the daring side when it comes to chocolate gift boxes. So it's often the adventure seeker in the group who lights up when they get these!

Godiva Assorted Chocolate Gift Box (8, 19, or 36 count)

This item on our list is really three for one. But they all contain a selection of delectable Godiva treats in a classic, Christmas chocolate gift box presentation. The only difference is the size.

The 8-count box is just the right mount for children. The 19-piece collection is a beautiful gift for an adult, while the 36-count box can make an entire household happy through the 2022 Holiday season.

No matter what size you go with, they are festively decorated — arriving in a handsome gold box wrapped in a red ribbon.

Gourmet Chocolate, the Perfect Holiday Gift Idea

When it comes to a present for Christmas or Hanukkah, who doesn’t love a collection of high-quality chocolate? So, for 2022, get friends and family sweet treats from Cravings By Zoe!